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* Hailing from the beautiful little seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, England - fondly refered to by locals as 'The Bubble'.

Hi I'm Chel - an independant professional photographer, mum, Whitstabubblian* and passionate about all things creative.


This blog is my way of combining my skills, interests and hobbies. I hope you find the blog entertaining/informative and enjoy my photography!

Tips for surviving the heat-wave with little ones




How not to go into melt-down as the temperture rises this summer!




Tip 1


Stay out of the midday sun! This one is a must, not just for comfort but for safety too. The strong sun during midday when it is this hot is seriously dangerous for small children. They can quickly develop heat stroke and become very sunburnt. Always seek shade during this time.



Tip 2


Another obvious one, but worth mentioning: protect your little ones with sunhats and high factor suncream (remembering to apply regularly. Children's sunglasses are also worth investing in (you can get the elasticated ones if they have a tendancy to knock the armed ones off easily). Also remember to keep them hydrated by offering water regularly.



Tip 3


Use the cooling power of water!


This could be a trip to the swimming pool, a paddling pool in the garden (or a garden hose set to mist), a cool bath/shower or even dipping feet into a cool tub of water.


You can get as creative as you like with this one - children may enjoy games in the garden with water balloons (such as water-balloon catch,dodge-ball or pinata), water pistols (tag or squirting plastic cup towers) or plastic bottles with holes to create mini fountains.



















Via Fireflies and Mudpies Via Inner Child Fun




Tip 4


Ice! Fill the freezer with ice lollies - you could even try making your own with fruit juice or smoothies. You could also have some sensory play with icecubes (but supervise small children closely).



Tip 5


Keeping cool at nap-time: Try to keep your little ones bedroom as cool as possible by ventilating it and keeping curtains drawn during the day to prevent to sun heating the room. Swap duvets for cotton sheets, and cool them in the fridge/freezer before needed. If the room is really warm you could cool it down by putting a bowl of ice infront of a fan - but for safety make sure you remove this before your child uses the room.


Ideas to keep kids cool in heat wave - water pinata
Ideas to keep kids cool during heatwave - water pistol targets

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