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Hi I'm Chel - an independant professional photographer, mum, Whitstabubblian* and passionate about all things creative.


This blog is my way of combining my skills, interests and hobbies. I hope you find the blog entertaining/informative and enjoy my photography!

Tips for a long car journey with a toddler


Making a long car journey with a toddler this summer? These tips might help the trip go a bit more smoothly!



Preparation is definitely the key to a happy road trip when you have a toddler in toe!


When I loaded the car for my family's trip away recently I was quite apprehensive about how my two and a half year old was going to handle the 4 hour car journey.


Luckily I had prepared in advance ways to keep him and his older sister comfortable and entertained during the trip, and it really paid off.



Tip 1


Travel early or late if possible to avoid traffic and your toddler may even nap some of the journey. We also took one of those squidgey travel pillows each for the children so they could nap comfortably in the car without getting a sore neck and a blanket. Favourite teddies are also a must.



Tip 2


Pre-pack snacks and drinks and make them easily reachable. I packed both my children a lunchbox full of snacks and drinks and made sure they could reach them to help themselves when they wanted them.



Tip 3


Music! Have favourite CDs etc.. handy so you can have a family sing-a-long to break up the journey.



Tip 4


Have tissues/babywipes handy for any messes and a plastic bag for rubbish.



Tip 5


Have small inexpensive toys wrapped as presents for distracting your toddler when they start to get grouchy. Kids love to get presents, so it snaps them out of grouchiness instantly and has the added bonus that they then play happily with their new toy. For my son we wrapped up small toy cars/tractors, hand puppets, dinosaurs etc..



Tip 6


Schedule in some comfort breaks. Everyone needs to get out of the car to stretch their legs and visit the toilet on a long trip. I recommend looking up service stations in advance so you have an idea of where they are and which are the best ones to stop at depending on your needs. Some are quite basic, whilst others have a choice of coffee shops, restaurants, shops etc..



Tip 7


Make a magnetic picture board for your toddler to play with on the trip. It will keep them entertained and you can theme them to your childs interests. I've included instructions and free printables below.


How to make a magnetic picture board


What you need:


  • An inexpensive cookie baking tray.
  • Printed pictures/shapes (see below for free printables).
  • Magnetic tape.
  • Scissors.
  • A laminator and pouches (optional).


Print the pictures/shapes and cut them out. If you have a laminator you can laminate them to make them stronger, or just print onto card. Cut pieces of magnetic tape to size and afix to the back of the pictures/shapes.



Magnetic picture board

Free printables:

free printable
Magnetic picture board
free printable

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